Fresh Start - Life a bit crazy? Let us help put you back in control !
About Us

Mission Statement

Fresh Start's mission is to provide a quality and affordable service to those who desire to stop the use of mind and mood altering chemicals by learning and utilizing appropriate coping skills to get through events that once before led them to use.

Kelly Andaloro, CDC II,  BSW, is the primary counselor who will be working to assist with your major life changes. Kelly has over 15 years experience dealing with Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health issues. Kelly is able to assist with many stressors that you may encounter in your efforts to maintain sobriety and reduce harmful and risky behaviors. 
3504 Industrial Ave., Suite 220
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Phone:  (907) 388-3221
Fax:      (907) 457-3221
Tuesday-Friday: Afternoons and evenings
Monday evenings: Group
Alternating week-ends: Classes
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